Lab Quality Tests in Minutes 


01 / FAST

Minutes instead of hours or days. Quick results in a convenient setting.

02 / EASY

Sample-to-answer with the push of a button.


Modify to suit demand and needs from cancer, infectious disease, or even chronic conditions.

AgenDx is Commercializing a Novel Technology to Bring Accurate and Cost-Effective Molecular Diagnostics to Patient Care



AgenDx is an early stage molecular diagnostics company developing a revolutionary cost-effective molecular diagnostics platform.  Our novel technology allows simple molecular diagnostic lab-quality testing. With a quick sample-to-answer in minutes, our platform is positioned to transform where and how disease is detected and treated.


Our platform accommodates a wide range of nucleic-acid based tests for infectious disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease and arthritis.   Our initial focus is to prove the AgenDx technology by developing tests for aiding physician’s treatment decisions for pancreatic cancer.


Our platform is designed for operation by untrained users in clinical settings near the patient. The sample is collected and inserted into a disposable cartridge. A control system automates and runs the test. Clear results will be displayed and transmitted. Our proprietary system will accommodate any biological sample, including blood, saliva, and tissue.

Our Team

Kevin Connors, B.S., M.S., M.B.A. Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder. Kevin is healthcare inventor, founder, CEO, and investor with more than 26 years experience in medical device and diagnostic start-ups.

Joerg Schreiber, Biophysics, VP of Research and Development, 30 years experience in Life Science system development and commercialization in Executive positions and as consultant.

George Spohrer, COO with 30 years of management consulting in Manufacturing and Systems Integration.

Chris Wynne, CFO with 35 years in accounting and finance. CFO at medium and large private companies.

Ben Miller, M.B.A. Founder,  Entrepreneur with 8 years experience in Manufacturing and Services.

Zdenek Slouka, Ph.D. Scientist, Inventor. Zdenek is Research Assistant Professor at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague with experience in electrochemisty, electrokinetics, microfluidics and microfabrication.

Hseuh-Chia Chang, Ph.D. Director of the Center for Microfluidics & Medical Diagnostics at Notre Dame.

Satyajyoti Senapati, Ph.D. Scientist, Inventor. Satyajyoti is a Post Doctoral Research Associate experienced in chemical engineering and biosensing. He is currently a Research Assistant Professor at Notre Dame.

Sharon Stack, Ph.D. Director of the Harper Cancer Research Institute. Sharon was most recently Vice-Chair for Research at the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

Reginald Hill, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Cancer Biology at the Harper Cancer Research Institute. Reggie was most recently Postdoctoral Fellow, in Medical and Molecular Pharmacology at UCLA




1400 E. Angela Blvd.

Unit 126

South Bend, IN 46617


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AgenDx is a startup currently located inside the IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame

Latest News:

February 5, 2018 - AgenDx Biosciences Inc., an early stage molecular diagnostics company focused on improving the treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer, today announced that it closed its seed financing, raising a total of $1.525 million.